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Having teamed together on crises communications of extraordinarily high stakes, our co-founders, Lisa Senecal and Scott Labby, ended up working together in a way neither of them ever imagined: lawyer and client in highly sensitive and profoundly personal and professional matters.


As each watched the other deftly navigate the emotional, professional, and legal obstacles to a successful outcome, a simple idea developed — those with personal experience are essential to private sector management of harassment issues. And so emerged The Maren Group. 


During the course of 2018 and beyond, additional members in regions throughout the country will be announced and welcomed. Along with service to the Group’s clients, the team will work with policy-makers to advance new legislation aimed at measurably reducing quantifiable economic harm in the workplace, in the home, and beyond.

Lisa Senecal
Co-Founder and Principal

Lisa is a co-founder of The Maren Group. She is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in strategic and crisis communications, media relations, and marketing. Her successful ventures include two award-winning children's entertainment companies and a political and issue advocacy New Media consultancy. Lisa has consulted and provided media relations and new media strategy for dozens of companies and organizations; gubernatorial and US Senatorial campaigns; and statewide policy initiatives. MORE

Scott Labby
Co-Founder and Principal

A co-founder of The Maren Group, Scott has longstanding experience in risk and crisis management, dealing with complex issues ranging from corporate due diligence and investigations to internal audit and hiring practices. As a practicing lawyer, he's managed highly sensitive matters for both organizations and individuals, including Fortune 50 public companies, members of the Fortune 400, former Cabinet members, and prominent political campaigns. MORE

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