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Traditional methods of workplace discrimination and harassment training have not only failed employees, they have failed businesses and the overall economy.  Billions of dollars have been invested in training with no clear benefit to employers or employees.  Claims continue to increase, and employees and employers alike bear significant costs.  


The Maren Group’s work with both survivors and businesses provides us with insight into the hows and whys of these offenses.  We staff every case we manage with an executive with direct and relevant personal experience.  Combined with our expertise in risk assessment and mitigation, this best enables us to gather information and identify the systemic issues and policies that expose employees to harm and employers to liability.  We design and implement workplace programs with a focus on making managers and executives better organizational leaders who create a safe, respectful, and productive environment through economic and practical motivation.

We provide a broad range of internal audit and risk management expertise, precisely and proactively aimed at reducing liability for private entities by preventing and reducing incidents.  We are not sensitivity trainers, and we do not serve simply as a “check the box” method of providing workplace education and training with regard to issues of workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.  Decades of data prove that the majority of such training is ineffective in reducing the harm caused to individuals and organizations, and does not diminish the frequency of harassment claims and EEOC filings.  Our work with businesses and organizations requires commitment on all levels, including senior management, to identify and address operations, reporting, and cultural flaws with the goal of a true and measurable reduction in risk factors, as well as in the occurrence of discrimination and sexual harassment and assault.  Our goal is not primarily to increase sensitivity; we work to reduce and eliminate behaviors in order to protect individuals and increase productivity.  Most individuals who commit acts of workplace discrimination believe themselves sensitive to these issues and are often seen that way by others as well.  We believe that making the goals both an absolute reduction in incidents as well as measurable and effective risk-reducing policy changes serve both organizations and their employees and executives.

Risk Assessment; Mitigation; Training 

An accurate assessment of risk and value is critical for investors and those evaluating potential acquisitions.  Unidentified or undisclosed incidents of workplace harassment create substantial reputational and operational risk.  Human Resource records and litigation histories, even when properly tracked and disclosed, are insufficient to fully understand that risk.  Sexual harassment claims and risk is perhaps the fastest growing area of risk and liability assessment.  In the contemporary environment, no responsible investor or acquirer should make an investment or acquisition without specific diligence into workplace harassment.


Those seeking investment from capital markets, from early-stage startups to established companies, increasingly find themselves subject to inquiries as to workplace issues and executive histories. Whether an investor, acquirer, or growth enterprise, we can assist with complex diligence, helping to identify problems and risks that can quickly sink an otherwise desirable opportunity.

Due Diligence Investigations - Private Equity, Venture Capital, and M&A; Entrepreneurs and Growth Capital

We serve as a neutral, independent investigative and reporting firm in cases where organizations know or reasonably believe internal infractions and violations exist and subsequently wish to appoint an investigator.  We work both independently and with law firms; however, our work is not confidential to the organization and our duty is to fact-finding, not otherwise representing or assisting in individual or organizational defense.  However, for private and public sector entities wishing to take allegations and fact-finding seriously and transparently, we play a critical role as a neutral clearinghouse for data ranging from ordinary complaint review to allegations of conduct both civil and criminal in nature.

Outside Investigation; Reporting

We assist candidates, campaigns, and committees with vetting and ongoing compliance. The allocation of significant donor funds, as well as organizational resources and credibility, should not be entered into without a thorough understanding of a candidate’s history. Particularly in our current environment, this history must include workplace and general harassment, in addition to previous statements made on issues of harassment and discrimination. Our work in partnership with political committees and firms provides specific expertise in this rapidly-changing landscape. 

Political Candidates; Campaigns; Committees

We assist with background review and vetting of executive-level candidates in a range of industries from finance to retail; we also review third-party vendors and contractors who may work closely with internal employees. 

Executive Hires; Contracting

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