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A co-founder of The Maren Group, Scott has longstanding experience in risk and crisis management, dealing with complex issues ranging from corporate due diligence and investigations to internal audit and hiring practices. As a practicing lawyer, he's managed highly sensitive matters for both organizations and individuals, including Fortune 50 public companies, members of the Fortune 400, former Cabinet members, and prominent political campaigns. For several years he's also handled select and highly sensitive matters related to economic abuses we label "HDDC" issues  (harassment; discrimination; domestic violence; child support). Scott has managed and consulted on high-stakes and high-profile matters from Silicon Valley to New England.  

At The Maren Group, Scott focuses on investigations and strategic planning for individuals and on general audit, risk management, and due diligence issues for organizations.  Scott's relevant experience includes running risk, liability, and security overviews for multiple public companies, including with regard to international operations; liaising with political campaigns and managing extortion, liability, and security threats; directing and consulting on high profile matters relating to HDDC issues, including two of Silicon Valley's best-known harassment and discrimination matters; successfully investigating and managing claims involving well-known perpetrators in media, fashion, and Hollywood; and managing vetting, diligence, and internal audit for a sensitive division of one of the world's largest hedge funds.


Scott graduated from Yale Law School, where he was an editor of the Yale Law and Policy Review and the Yale Journal of Health Law, Policy, and Ethics (and where his investigative study of his class at Yale Law School was made part of the library's permanent collection). He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maine, where he was a Truman Scholar. He received a GED from the Maine Department of Education, which remains among his proudest possessions.

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